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Hemp Koala

Organic hemp gummies made with all natural, plant based ingredients and full spectrum hemp extract.


Who Knew Comfort Tasted So Good?

Hemp Koala exists for busy-bodies like you!! Life is hectic; stress, discomfort, and restlessness can leave anyone feeling down. Our hemp-derived gummies and goodies are made to pick you up!

Our o r g a n i c Hemp Koala Bears are the best nature has to offer— in a tasty, chewy form. Made of only natural, quality ingredients, you can munch on these gummies guilt-free.

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Take The Edge Off.

Too many responsibilities at work, Home life is crazy, No time to take a breather, etc. It’s easy to let our day-to-day lives get the better of us. Our gummies are made for people who need to stay cool, calm, and collected. So relax, pop a gummy a day, and let nature do its work. 

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Ingredients Count.

We’ve packed our Koala Bears with a blend of natural ingredients like black carrot juice, turmeric, tapioca syrup, and grape juice. These ingredients, combined with our FULL spectrum hemp extract, work as a team— helping your mind and body achieve a much-needed reset.

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What The Hemp?

Hemp is a natural superfood. Filled with potent natural fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, hemp is known to promote restfulness, reduce soreness and tenderness, and soothe the body and mind.

Our bite-sized gummies are the most convenient way for you to get your hemp fix. Our products are non-psychoactive (aka you won’t get high). Hemp Koala gummies are lab tested, which means you’ll safely consume top quality hemp.

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